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20/07/2014 12:37 am
#HappyBirthday to Edgar Degas born #OnThisDay in 1834. “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” 1878-1881


Caught in the Crosshairs   20x30 300lb Cold Press paper

Original Artwork by: Patricia Oblack

This abstract work presents various shades of light to dark by way of its color selections & blending, these layers & colors are achieved from the palette knives flat surfaces & sharp edges. Every painting has a Voice, inspired by the music played during creation. The Voice of this piece is:  Patty Griffin: Cd’s -  American Kid ‘13 & Children Running Through ‘07


Franz Kline - Mahoning (1956)


Piet Mondrian - Composition with Red and Black (1936)



Megan Gould’s photo collection, Surface Tension, takes a look at the fingerprint oils on iPad screens to see how users interact with their screens. It reminded me of The Art Assignment’s Off with Lauren Zoll. 

It’s so interesting to see how very different the patterns are. Some are very spotty, others, you can see the user made big swoopy movements. Fascinating.

This is so cool! Thanks for alerting us to it. 


Seacoast (Red Sky, Two White Sails) - Emil Nolde



Anish Kapoor - Untitled (1995)


Marc Chagall ~ “Birthday, 1915

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